Monthly Archives: October 2015

Hope from Old Men

In 2015 the brightest hopes seem to be products of the active visions of old men. The Pope is nearing his eightieth birthday and Bernie Sanders is only a few years younger. But they have become the lightening rods for hope that climate change and gross inequalities and even war may be addressed with the determination and energy of the very young. Each of these men were not visible at all on the world stage when they were merely 70. For old codgers like myself they raise the challenge that we are not yet ready to retire from active service, or at least that age alone should not require us to retire. Perhaps for the young who are inspired by the socialist from Vermont and the priest from Argentina there is another message. Perhaps that other message has to do with the recognition that issues worth serious attention are not all generational or gender oriented or even racial. Maybe all people can make a very real contribution to this world, if we are only willing enough.