Monthly Archives: November 2015


November 2015. Recent events and public reaction to those events remind me that gratitude must be more than a feeling to be worthwhile. American citizens have been blessed and should be grateful for the blessings we have. But the feeling of thankfulness looks like the empty vessel of a unshared experience when Americans are unwilling to assist others who have suffered the difficulties that led our ancestors to seek refuge here. The cruelty of dominating other nations is also more distasteful when the dominators proclaim their descent from those who sought freedom from domination. Americans need to remember the heritage they proclaim by sharing it with others.


November 2015.This month has witnessed attacks on humanity and civilization by violent humans who have grown up in the very civilization they are attacking. Insofar as the attackers have had contacts with the Iraq and Syrian extremists whose cause they favored, these terrorists have gained the contacts through clandestine travel from their home country to Iraq or Syria. Returning to the country of their origin the attack leaders have then recruited still other natives of the countries which suffered the attacks. Hostility towards Muslim immigrants is misplaced. Immigrants re not launching these attacks. This is one of the sad realities of the European situation. The American situation has been even more irrational since 911. We have invaded Iraq because of the terrorist acts of Saudis and Kuwaitis who were led by a rebellious relative of Saudi oil tycoons! Those tycoons are the direct beneficiaries of the policies of great American oil companies run by American oil tycoons! Saudi wealth! This state of affairs is beyond slight insanity