November 20, 2016. This morning at a coffee shop near my home a friend asked me what we should do now that Donald Trump has won the election to become the man who will be our president in only two months. I was so fascinated at the time with a newcomer to our 8 a.m. coffee crowd that I deferred answering. Instead I promised to reply later in this blog. So here it is. The time for mourning passed when Trump appointed a white supremacist to be his principal policy advisor and picked another to become the next chief law enforcement officer of the United States. There never was a time to seek unity with a man who has promised to export millions of us, to prevent the entry into this country of refugees from war-torn countries, to re-institute torture, to privatize social security and to jail his political rivals. Now is not the time for your tears or your good wishes. Now is the time to begin again the old fight against unjust laws and lawmakers. The fight must engage with every nonviolent means at our disposal.



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