May 31, 2017. KELLEY KIDD. From time to time I believe I see an opportunity for Israel to make peace with its neighbors. This seems to me to be such a time. Netanyahu has a chummy relationship with the President. Trump’s daughter is married to a man who is practically a member of the family of the Prime Minister, and she is her father’s best asset right now. The sheiks of Araby and the potentates of the Persian Gulf are waiting in line for Trump’s blessing. Iran has a new and relatively moderate government that is on a flexible leash with trade prospects holding the other end of the leash. No intifada in sight. Time for Israel’s government to seek peace and to do so from a position of strength. The only question is whether Netanyahu can climb out of his tower of belligerence long enough to take some initiative for peace. Ben-Gurion used to quote the Talmud for the proposition that it is better to make a bad peace than to win a good war. Maybe Ben-Gurion had few opportunities to live up to that idea, but Bibi has one now. Please God.

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